Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 25th 2010

Today was to Tweed Heads/Coolangatta, what can I say about the ride..... Roads were sweet, nice big shoulders to ride on and flat haha. I got into Tweeds Heads around 1:30 haha. It was a 60ish km ride but felt short. Maybe becasue I didn't take a lunch break. I arrived and set up my tent and had lunch, by that time it was 3:30-4:00 ish.

When I arrived at the bbq area there was this group of people that took most of the table space haha. I sat next to them and started talking to them all through my lunch. They were a wonderful group of people. So funny and friendly!!! Loved chatting with them all.

After dinner it was time to chill out for a bit in the tent and watch a movie and get the food digested and get ready for dinner. When it was time for dinner same wonderful people still there eating away haha. Had dinner with them and chatted some more until thr rain came and told us to go to bed haha. It was a good day!!

Well i'm going to watch a movie talk to you blog readers tomarrow!!! Have a good night!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

April 24th 2010

Leaving Broadwaters now cycling to Byron Bay!! I took a side road along the river in to Ballina. I had to take this tiny fairy to go across the river into Ballina, best part cyclist ride free haha Got into Ballina and went to a sovlaki place for lunch. Wow! best sovlaki ever!!! Have to go back there again if i'm up this way for sure!

Lunch was done so it was time to take the coast road into Byron Bay. I didn't realize, well I forgot that it was a long weekend so the camp sites were a lil busy. Got rejected at the first one but the second caravan park was all groovy. Well i'm a little tired form yesterday i'll catch you guys tomarrow!!! Have a awesome day all!!

Keep loving life!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 21st-23rd

Stayed another night in Coffs Harbour just in case I got rained on during my ride. So I just relaxed and had a coffee and a blueberry muffin.

Started cycling to Grafton on the 22nd, it was a 80 km ride but went by pretty fast!!! The road was flat most part and just cruised through. Weather was good today nice and sunny, which is what I love!! haha. Got into Grafton and set up camp and went to bed.

Next day on the 23rd it was time to meet up with my buddy Tony!!! The guy I met on the road while cycling to Bulahdelah. It was a 100km ride to Broadwater so i to move fast.

When I me tup with Tony he showed me the beach which is close by to his place, then we biked to Evans Head so I could grab some grocerys and headed back to Broadwater. It was along day Got to sit down around 6:30, did around 150kms today, I'm ready for bed!!

Thanks sooo much Tony for crashing at your place!!!!! Hope to see you around on a bike sometime!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20th 2010

Electrical Rider!!!
Look same trailer!!

Today is going to be a good day!!! Regardless of the drama from yesterday, today will be grand!! I'm heading to Coffs Harbour, its going to be a 120 km ride today so better get going!! In the short span on the road leaving Kempsey I was wondering what was flying off my tyre. At first its nothing just mud until i looked closer at the nastiness of worms of some sort. hahah I was pulling them off my leg while trying to bike on the shoulder, at the same time freaking out of what these are AHHHH!!! I stopped and got off my bike and these thing were crawling all over my bike, sooo grouse!! Don't know why they liked my bike so much but they did. haha

Back on the road to Coffs Harbour until I came up to a resting area where what do you know another cyclist!!! This guy named Guim was traveling around the world on a electrical bicycle!!! How cool is, he's going to be the first person to do it that I know of. He had a pretty sweet set up all runs on solar energy which is pretty groovtastic. We chatted for a bit until we went our own ways onto our own adventures. He has a web site which is www.electricbicycleworldtour.com check it out everyone!!!

On my way to Coffs Harbour what did I see up in the sky...... no not Superman or Iron man, a big dark cloud coming to say heyyyyy!!!! Yes you guessed it got caught in the rain again!!!! It wasn't as bad as the other day but it still sucked!!! It rained on and off until Coffs Harbour.

Well everyone have a groovy day and i'll write again when I see another Mc'cafe!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

ps. I tried the electrical bike, and ya it was sooo sweeeeet!!! totally getting one!!!!

April 19th 2010

Today I was on my way to Macksville from Port Macquarie but didn't make it there. haha I had a weather issue on my hand, everything was going well until the dark cloud came in. I was only 15 or so kms in my ride until it started pouring down!!! I had no where to go, no shelter anywhere, just had to keep on cycling. While pouring rain and trucks, cars flying by me lets add something else in to the mix, how about a flat tyre on my trailer. After repairing the tyre in the rain I jumped on my bike and started peddling again until I cycled around 100 meters what else could go wrong, my back tyre on my bike went flat!!! WHAT!!!!! How is this possible!!!! What are the odds seriously. hahaha I looked at the tyre to see why it popped and I found a huge hunk of glass embedded right into the tyre. One thing everyone HATE PEOPLE WHO THROUGH GLASS BOTTLES OUT OF THE CAR!!!!!!!

Despite all the drama I didn't make it to Macksville, for obvious reasons haha I camped out in Kempsey. Well my fellow blog readers i'll see you tomorrow for another day of cycling!!!! Stay warm and dry everyone!!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 17-18th 2010

Heading to Port Macquarie today to have a day off. I took the scenic route by coming of the main highway and going on to towards Laurienton. This road goes right up on the coast a bit and less traffic than the Pacific Highway. The road was a bit hilly coming into Port Macquarie but couldn't complain because the view was pretty good.

Finally got a camp site, by the time I was taking stuff out of my trailer it started pouring like crazy!! I'm not talking cats and dogs I'm saying like elephants and moose's. Everything was getting wet, I quickly got everything set up and out of the rain much as possible, by the time it was all done I was soaked!!! So I just sat in my tent trying to air dry my self off and try to dry the in side of my tent to past the time till it stopped raining. haha

While I was in Port Macquarie I strolled around the town and spent my day off at the Mc'cafe because of the free wifi and I also had dinner twice at this cool little restaurant called The Pasta Place . That was the best thing out of Port Macquarie haha If your driving past or staying near Port Macquarie I really recommend there pasta. Didn't have the pizza but it sure looked good too. Thanks for dinner!!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Man I make drinking look GOOOD hahaha
Pancakes at the Rocks!!! Time to munch on some grind-age!!!

You don't really see a pink spandex man everyday do you hahaha
Sydney Harbor Bridge!!!

This is nice!!!
Ribs bring the mammoth out of me haha

Pork and Beef ribs YUM!!!
Best Garlic bread EVER!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


hmmmm.... Kings Cross?
Our accommodation!!


Look, so close to Sydney!!!!!!!
The morning sun while eating my oats
Look baby it's your restaurante!! haha
Kiama!!! Thats the beach I stayed at


Nowra right out side my tent!! Didn't have to pay that night!!!!
Anyone want a avocado,peanut butter,banana sandwich? mmmm!!!

The way to Bermagui

NO MORE HILLS!!! hahaha

Leaving Merimbula

Cann River-Merimbula

Cann River to Merimbula, I made it!! Look at that determination in my face lol more exhaustion than anything lol

Not what you want to cycle after doing 120kms HILLS!! AHHH!!!
Almost out of Victoria!!!! Oh boy!!

Cann River

Cann River!!
Lunch anyone???
Testing out my little tri pod YAAA!!!
Oh why not lets have a coffee
Getting closer to Sydney!!!
Laundry day in Orbost

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 16th 2010

On my way to Taree today!!! Well what can I say, went to a little cafe in Nabiac. Bought some rolls at the local bakery then went across and had a latte at the local cafe. Other than that I rocked today on the bike. I was flying on the bike, Got into Taree at 2:45 pm I rocked it. Felt really good. The best thing tho is that my camp site is next to a Mcdonalds so FREE INTERNET!!! Hope all my blog readers are doing well and enjoying life!! Catch you all tomorrow!!!!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

April 13,14,15 2010

Departing Sydney and on my way to The Entrance. While coming out of the city I saw a cafe called James Cafe. Had to go in to have a latte before the journey. It wasn't too bad getting to The Entrance a little long but not too bad. Met a cool guy named Jon who told me about a trail that leads to New Castle, so I kept that in mind. When I arrived it was a bit challenging to find a camp site under 30 dollars but I did it!!! I liked The Entrance its kinda like Lake Entrance but less people everywhere, more quiet.

Next morning it was time to head to Raymond Terrace. On the way I stopped in a bike shop in Belmont. I grabbed some supplies and started talking to one of the guys who works there. I'm guessing he was the owner, but a really awesome guy!! He told me about a bike trail heading into New castle what a coincidence , so he drew me a map and sacrificed a map from the phone book, I think just so I would not get lost lol The bike trail was groovy!! Thanks so much for that!!!

I arrived in New Castle and had some lunch on the docks. I was going to take some pics because its just a beautiful little city but my batteries were dead!!!! So disappointed I was Couldn't believe it. Sorry guys that I couldn't take any pictures maybe next time when I'm up here.

Couldn't stop long had to get to Raymond Terrace, which went by pretty fast!! The high way was awesome, sooo much room on the shoulder couldn't believe it. When I arrived in Raymond went to the shops for food and made some beef noodle stir fry for dinner yummmm!!!

Next morning it was time to go forward and beyond!!! to Bulahdelah. On my way to Bulahdelah I stoped in a little town to have a coffee and a baked good. I had the loaf a bread called a t-cake and latte. While I finished I kept cycling on the high way there was a rumble in my belle. I was time for lunch so I pulled over and started munching. In my process of munching a dude named Tony crept up next to me. We started chatting away for a bit and got to know each other, he is the most friendly dude every!! He lives up just before Ballina, so i'll give him a call when I'm in the neighborhood for sure. While I got to Bulahdelah went to the local shop to grab some grocery's for my awesome night of burrito's!!! YAAAA!!! When I got out of the shop look who was there fixing his tyre Tony!! So i chit chatted with Tony for a bit until he had to go and start peddling away back home.

Well blog readers that was my three days of craziness!! Have a good one guys!!!!!
One more thing the burrito's where sooooooo goooood!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens


I spent four groovtastic nights in Sydney. It was the best weekend I have ever had!!!!! I spent couple of days with the gorgeous Chubby Bunny (Stella). My Lady flew up to see me for three days I was soooo thrilled!!!! Couldn't believe that she was here. I picked Stella up from the airport then went to Harbor Side to have lunch at a place called Hurricane. We at pork and beef ribs with really good garlic bread sooo good!! After our fabulous lunch we took a ferry to Circular Quay and saw the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House!!! While we were in the area we took a stroll around the Rocks with all the markets that were going on.

By the time we got back to the hostel it was time for dinner!!! We took a stroll to this little Italian grocery store but also had a restaurant in there as well. It most defiantly was a cool idea for a restaurant. The place was called Fratteli Fresh. After all that it was time for shut eye couldn't keep my eyes open at the dinner table hahaha.

The next morning the beautiful Stella and I went for a walk to grab some pancakes at the rocks!! mmmm After the breakfast we walked to the tram and went to the FISH MARKET!!! I've never seen Stella so excited before lol She was like a little kid in a candy store. We pigged out big time on the sea food, got over stuffed we could barely walk haha.

It was time to take a walk to the book store and poke our noses around before watching a move, Clash of the Titans. When the movie was finished it was time to grab a quick indian food and off to bed.

On the last day of the wonderful weekend we decide to walk to Bourke Street Bakery!!! Stella had the chicken pie with a mocha and I had the beef pie with the latte. By the time we walked back to the hostel it was that time where we both didn't want to come.

I hate saying good bye to such a wonderful amazing lady. But we both knew it was coming. So I took Stella to the airport to watch her board the plane, until next time........

The best weekend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't that I was in Sydney that made it the best, it was because I was with the most beautiful, jaw dropping, breath taking lady that my eyes have ever seen before, Chubby Bunny xoxoxo (aka Stella)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Early morning in Orbost. Blanket of fog creeping over the valley. Maybe thats why they call it Snowy River.

Lake Entrance