Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd day March 30th 2010

Woke up and started packing up to go to Sale. It was a warm one today!! i was pretty excited haha Had a couple flat tires on the way to Sale there was lots of glass at one point as i was speeding down the hill haha I prayed that my tire wouldn't pop at this time but it did haha lucky I gained control or else it would have been messy especially with the glass (ouch). That was as exiting as it got that day. All in all it was a groovtastic day!! Have a good one you guy's!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

First day March 29th /2010

Left Melbourne and headed to Moe!!! It was a rough start because it started raining before i got out of Melbourne haha. Took cover in clayton and realized that i forgot my rain coat!! So I called up Stella's brother Sadikin to grab my rain coat. Thanks so much buddy for grabbing that for me I owe you big!!! After the rain lightened up went back on the road and met a groovy dude, his name was Robert who lives in chadstone. He was biking to Pakenham. Robert and I started biking until the rain came again!! So we took cover until it lightened up again. Back again on the road until Robert had to go his way to Pakenham. Biking on the princes HWY before I hit Warragul a awesome dude called Michael and chatted with him because he road around Australia as well. After talking to Michael I started biking again to Moe. I finally got there it was a really long ride and hard because I had a full trailor. At the end of my first day it turned to be a sunny day. Have an awsome day Blog Readers!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last day till the ride

One day to go!!!! But have to make it a short day by being in bed no later than 8. Have to wake up at 3:45 am to get on the road just after 4:00 am ish. Going to a friends BBQ to say good bye to every one in half hour. The day came up soo fast can't believe it that its here!! Its pretty groovy but still doesn't seem i'm leaving. I think it will hit me when i put all my bags on the bike and hook the trailer up haha. I have some photos i will be updating shortly of my packing haha. soooo much stuff haha well i better be off keep refreshing the blog you never know when i might post again haha. have a groovtastic day you blog readers!!!!!!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Friday, March 12, 2010

15 days!!!!

I now have fifteen days until i leave Melbourne!!! I'm getting pretty nervous but excited too. I said I will be departing at albert park but the F1 will be in town lol. So I moved my location to SOUTHBANK NEXT TO THE LANGHAM HOTEL. Right now I'm doing my last minute purchases. I will be outside next to the river at 4am and going to begin my travels at 4:30am pretty early eh? haha well hope to see you all there bright and early hahaha I will post something up next week!! stay tuned!!! Bye Bye

-Jesse Fokkens