Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last two weeks from Brisbane to Townsville

Hello everyone!!!!!!

Sorry about not updating my blog in the two weeks, i've been busy cycling hahaha Well lets see what has been going on!!

Coming out of Brisbane was wonderful, I really like the ride to Redcliffe. Another cyclist came up behind me and showed me a way going along the ocean.

While I was coming out of Mooloolaba I went on the local sunshine coast radio!!! I thought they were going to interview me and tell everyone what I was doing. Well it was kinda like that.... They gave me a call and the lady said "you ready Jesse" I replied "Yup" then all of a sudden I was 10 secs away going on air live!!! hahaha I have no idea what was going through my head, just that I had no idea it was live hahah I think it went well? hahah I was too shocked hahaha

After that crazy episode I kept on cycling through Noosa Heads, Gympie, Childers, Gin Gin, and Miriam Vale. Until I got up to Gladstone everything was going groovy haha. While in Gladstone couldn't find a caravan park so I decide to camp on the beach, which by the way is really beautiful. Bad part was I had drunks sleeping 50 meters or so away from me. All good until they had too much and a fight was getting wound up until the cops came and searched around the beach and had a talking to the dude's. The cops didn't try to wake me up, first thing they couldn't find the way in my tent and second they saw the bike and thought just to leave me be. A half hour went by then they brought in the dog to do some sniffing about. Nothing was found and the cops left. After that drama show I really needed to get some sleep but around 1am what did I hear my trailer rolling away on me!!! Come on!!! Quickly jumped out of my tent but the guy was gone before I saw him. I was guessing it was the dudes near me but who knows.... So I locked my trailer with my bike and tent, if they want to take something well they must take it all hahaha

Coming out of Gladstone I cycled to Rockhampton where I had thai food for dinner and the best part!!!......well the curry was good but they had coconut sticky rice!!! I have not had sticky rice in soo long. mmmmmm......

Out of Rocky went to Marlborough, Claireview, Sarina, Calen (which was a lovely place to stay, the owner let me stay for free!!!! but I drank the water out of the kitchen sink which I was told good but until I got to Proserpine where i spent that night vomiting up my dinner, among other things. But the good thing was the next day was only a 62km ride to Bowen.

Bowen to Ayr now in Townsville!!!! YAAAAA!!!!!!!

Well MY Blogg Readers!!! There will be pics up tomorrow!! Have a wonderful day!!! I do apologize about not updating it might get worse tho because I will be going in the outback next haha

Jesse Fokkens

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brisbane Pictures!!!

The Dream Team!!! The people that made it all happen!!!
My waiter

mmmmmm soooo goooood!!!!!
2nd course Dinner
1st course Dinner
mmm Dessert Lunch
2nd course Lunch
1st course lunch

On my way to the University
University of Queens land foot bridge

On the bike path along the river
On the story bridge
My bike!!!!
OHH so NICE!!!!

April 29-May 5th 2010

Part three of three


Time to wake up!! I saw a sign on the pathway on the river about a yoga class that started at 6am so I was SOOOO in YAAAHHH!!! Got up nice and early so I could start the day right by doing some yoga before a little bike ride. Well got there at 5:30am and no one was there so I went for a little peddle for about 15mins. Came back still no one was there, what is going on? Then 5 to 6am a lady came and another lady came. Three of us were wondering where this yoga class was, it was already 6:15am. I biked up and down the river to see if any classes were going on but couldn’t find anything. Oh well I said to my self that means a longer bike ride that’s all haha.

Got hour and a half into my ride until something was wrong with my bike. It didn’t sound too good so I started heading back to the hostel really slowly but the sound and feeling on the bike kept getting worse and worse haha. Until I could barely push down on the peddle hahaha OOOPS….Ya, it was time to head to the bike shop and put my bike in for a proper service. Haha Walked the rest of the way to the shop and slapped my baby in there.

Well I guess I won’t be going by bike to the restaurant for lunch eh? Haha I grabbed a city cat to Bretts Wharf to chow down on some groovy food. I entered the restaurant and what do you know Alastair made a booking for me haha A lovely table right next to the window looking over the river and the view of the city.

Okay, Okay, Okay this is the part where I get a little bit crazy bare with me I might get pretty exited hahaha

Lunch Menu:

1st course

White wine to start: Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc 09 marlborough

Had that with the Hanoi tiger prawn and barramundi spring rolls, vietnamese mint, sweet chilli

You can ask anything better than that!!!! OHHH MY!!!!! REALLY GOOD!!!!

2nd course

Red wine to start: Teusner ‘riebke’ shiraz 08 Barrossa (if you haven’t had this, it’s a must)

Cape grim beef, flame grilled leek, champ, roasted mushroom, smoked salt

3rd course

Dessert: bethonga pineapple, phillis clark’s ‘lost bread’, vanilla cheesecake, apple gel

OH ya and a Latte hehe.

This was such an amazing lunch!!! If you want to eat come here!!! Chilled environment with epic food!!! I would dine there all the time!!!!

Following lunch I hoped on the ferry and took a cruise to the university of Queensland. Wonderful campus they have. I got a little lost but I managed, the garden’s were very pretty and just beautiful. I walked up to the bridge I’m guessing it’s called the campus bridge? It goes over the river. I walked on the wrong side oops, one side was for cyclist and the other was for pedestrians haha (make sure where ever you go in Brisbane that you go on the right side or the right pathway) Went back on the ferry and headed back to the hostel, while on my way back the sun was down and it was dark coming into south bank and it was just beautiful at night. It was a good day today nothing but a smile on my face. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see more of Brisbane!!

Next Day:

Well I’m going straight to the dinner today !!!! LOL I took it easy today needed a rest I have been going on overload so I just chilled and went for a walk and did lots of sitting, until dinner at Bretts


1st course

White wine to start: cape mentelle sauvigon blanc semillion 09 margaret river

Seared scallops, spanner crab and inisfail heart of palm salad, roasted melon, nasturtium

2nd course

Roasted barramundi, salad of Mooloolaba prawns, whipped potato, shellfish vinaigrette

3rd course

Dessert wine: de bortoli noble one botrytis Semillon 06 griffith

Dessert: malted milk chocolate parfait, pistachio nougat, dry and salted caramel

At the end of the meal I had a petty four and a nice cup of latte

That topped everything in Brisbane coming to Bretts and having a groovtastic, epic meal along the river over looking the stunning city of Brisbane. Thank you to everyone at Bretts for wonderful service, groovtastic food, awesome view and your kindness!!! Thank you!!!

Well that concludes my adventure in Brisbane, hope you enjoyed reading it and got some laughs on some stuff hahaha I’m heading up the sunshine coast tomorrow I will see you guys then!!!!! See you blog readers!!! Have a spontaneous day (there the best days!!!)

-Jesse Fokkens

April 28th 2010

Part two of three


Rise and shine!!!! It 5:00 in the morning and I’m ready to explore yaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t wait so I jumped out of bed and headed on the bike to see what’s out

there!! I first had to find some breakfast, which I found a bakery so I quickly grabbed some bread then saw a grocery store so I picked up some more grind-age and head to the hostel to cook up some food.

Breakfast done!!! Off I go, my plan today was to go around the city a bit and see the Botanical garden. I went over the Goodwill Bridge to get to the Botanical garden. When entering the Gardens it was pretty groovy, it’s a really nice area you can rent bikes and cruise around the area and just chill. As I saw there was so many people up before the sun going for a run, biking, boxing, and boot camp. It was awesome to see everybody out there getting active.

The Gardens were done!! it was time to find Bretts wharf!!!!! So exited to dine at the restaurant of Alastair Mcleod!!! I didn’t know if there was a pathway all the way to the wharf by bike. I kept cycling next to the river or close as possible not letting it out of my site. The path so far was gorgeous and the apartment buildings and houses just awesome. Construction was coming up and the path ends, but I saw some signs leading me around the construction until I got lost hahaha. Had no idea where I was just trying to see where the river is. I started cycling up this hill and wondering if this is not the way but what struck me like a golf ball in the head a sign that said “view point” this way. Oh snap!!! I’ll go up there and take a gander to see where I am and get the bearings on track again. Well I can tell you the view was pretty groovtastic but I didn’t have a camera on me!! I know I know, what was I thinking. Anyways a jogger came up while I was looking at the gorgeous view of the city, and I asked him where Bretts wharf was and he said “ya just down the hill just keep making right turns and you’ll get there”, but I think he meant left turns because right would make me go away from the river haha Doing the left turns and what do you know I was there, couldn’t be more exited that I’ll be having lunch there tomorrow.

After finding the restaurant it was time to see how far you can go past Bretts wharf going along the river. Found out you couldn’t go much further haha at the end there was another complex full of other restaurants and cafes. Time to turn back and see where I messed up by following the pathway along the river haha.

It was a good day today loved biking in Brisbane, couldn’t wait till the next day to go for a ride before lunch!!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!! See you tomorrow for more bits and pieces about Brisbane!!! Bye Bye!!!!!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

April 27th 2010

Part one of three


On my way to Brisbane today!! Can’t get anymore exited!!! I decided to take the train from Coomera, I really didn’t want to take the freeway into Brisbane and plus its illegal as well, so good thing I didn’t hahaha

Riding the train and having no idea where to get off to arrive at my hostel. While on the train looking pretty funny, the only dude in tights and a bike t-shirt with all these bags hanging off my bike and this big red trailer, ya there were stares hahaha While standing there a wonderful man came up too me and was fascinated about my trailer. I was getting the 30 question lightning round from him, but at the same time he was talking about history about his family in the great war, it was crazy!! He was a smart man for sure!!! He was really inspired of what I told him what I was doing and interested in what HD was. Made me smile so much, I had good groovy vibes about him.

I heard the announcement that the next station was south bank and all of a sudden something made me to get off the train so I got off. What do you know the hostel was only 4 blocks away!!! How crazy was that!!! Its all about the vibes, people listen to the vibes that’s what its all about, ya know? I stayed at the Brisbane Backpackers on the west side of Brisbane. It a really nice hostel!!! Very friendly staff!!!! It’s in a good location for sure!!! Just a wonderful place overall I really recommend staying here!!!

Arrived at the hostel, so I rushed to get all my laundry done because it was really really stinky, haven’t done laundry in a weekish haha Laundries done!!! Time to take a ride around Brisbane!!! Way I go into South Bank along the river having no idea where I’m going just going with the flow. I decided to coast along the river, which leads me to the Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point. By this time, I already loved this city!!!! The bike paths are awesome!! The city is totally bike friendly.

It was a good first day in Brisbane, can’t wait till tomorrow to get up at 5:30am to go for a ride and do some more exploring!!! Have a good night!!!! Blog readers!!!

-Jesse Fokkens

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April 26th

Laura and Nathan

Today I was heading towards Brisbane and thinking of going to Coomera, just pass surfers paradise. I got a text last night from Laura and Nathan that they just got into the Gold coast. Talk about perfect timing,so I met Laura and Nathan and did a little bit of catching up. We went for a coffee and a walk to Sea world where I dropped them off and had to say good bye, still had to get my destination. I arrived at Coomera after cycling on the freeway which was pretty scary haha. Lucky I was only on the freeway for 4km haha. Nothing too crazy today, but going to Brisbane tomorrow!!!! so exited!!!! See you all tomorrow!!!

-Jesse Fokkens