Saturday, February 27, 2010

Point of Embarkation (lol)

Today, it just come to realization that there is only one month, ONE month till I have to start my cycling tour. So, I'm thinking of where I should depart from. First option is Albert Park. This route will lead to Princess Hwy, heading east (of Melbourne) to Moe.

So, I'm going to be checking out the exact point in Albert Park where I will be DEPARTING!!! Yeaaah!

I also re-configured my blog, colours and layouts! Pretty groovtastic, eh?!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I will be starting my trip in Melbourne then working my way up the east coast. I will be hitting Sydney, Brisbane, and then Townsville. From there I will cut across and go along highway A6 to Mount ISA. After that it's onto Broome and following Hwy 1 to Port Hedland then onto Perth. I'll be heading down to Margaret River and Albany then on my way to Adelaide. After Adelaide its time for Warrrnambool, Apollo Bay then the finish line Melbourne. I will be starting end of March around the 29Th perhaps. That's a little more about my trip until next week I will reveal a little bit more!! Thanks for reading!!!

Counting Down!!!

Just wanna say HEEEYYY!!!!! to the web. My name is Jesse Fokkens and I'm on a mission to make my body, mentally and physically in pain and agony for 7 months by cycling all the way around Australia. I have been living in this country for about a year and a half. I'm originally from Canada but decided to come to this illuminating country you guys call Australia!! I will give you people another blog in about a week and let you know more what its about and how long I've got till I start my groovtastic trip!!! SEE YA!!!!