Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perth to Esperance

Perth to Esperance

Leaving Perth and on my way down towards the southwest tip of Australia. I took the train to Fremantle and started my journey on the Indian Ocean. Down the whole highway was really lovely they had a cycle path straight down the coast. My first stop was just past Mandurah called Falcon. Another little town but was cool is that I was in the middle of a lake and the Indian Ocean. It was a bit chilly but not to bad to cycle in. From there I went to Bunbury, didn’t really see much of it because I arrived a little late in the evening but it did seem really nice haha. After the quick sop in Bunbury it was time to head to Margaret River!!! On the way I stopped into Busselton for lunch and had a coffee and a ice cream, it was a tiny shop which they made there own chocolate. Yummy yummy!!! After lunch it was time to head to Margaret River, but the road turned a little crappy with no shoulder at all. Heading into Margaret River was pretty hilly but there were so many wineries!!! The stories were true!!!! Hahaha I was getting pretty tired towards the end of the day so I decide to stop 10kms out side Margaret River to camp and quickly go see a winery because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have seen one and we all no that would be disgraceful hahah Saw a lovely caravan park and popped up my tent and heading toward a winery. I saw one that said Knotting Hill winery I thought to myself “I Love that movie”!!!!! so I went to that one which was only 8kms off the main road. Of course I tried some wine and bought a bottle for dinner hahahah

Next day was heading towards Northcliffe, but that took two days to get there had to camp on the side of the road for a night. The scenery was wonderful coming along Brockman Highway then onto Stewart road. Nothing but forest and yes more hills. Hills just got bigger and steeper as more you headed southeast!!! Just before Northcliffe I came along a restaurant, which I stopped in and took a gander to see what it was all about. It was a fly-fishing place where you can catch your own feed!! How rad is that?!!! I loved the place, it reminded me of my old man so much I have to take him there maybe on his 65th birthday hahah, so I had lunch and a latte there and thought of all the memories when the boys went fly-fishing. Nothing but good times!!! During towards Northcliffe yup more hills and head wind, but nice big trees!! I wish I stayed in Pemberton which they have trees up to 60+ metres high, and trunks that you can drive a car through them. Anyways one thing going into Norhtcliffe was the caravan park other than its coldness was all these kangaroos everywhere haha right out front of the office there must have been fifteen or twenty just munching away. I found out later it was also a sanctuary.

Going into Walpole was really pretty but steep hills!!! I arrived right at dark so had to get tucker ready and off to bed. Next morning I took a photo along the inlet just beautiful!!!! You’ll see!!!!

On to Denmark which was only fifty or sixty km ride, so a nice short day. Coming into Denmark I stopped in a local toffee shop and tried some yummy-ness . After that I saw another place which was a tiny chocolate factory/café. Well I bought a block of chocolate and was about to have a latte but it was a hot day so I decided to go for a nice German beer!!! Mmmmmmm It was sooooooo goooooood!!!! I love their beer!! After all the detours I finally got to Denmark and stayed a night there.

Next day was Albany and got there at a decent time, and had my rest day there. I bike a little bit around but nothing too much my legs were pretty tired haha. But all in all a nice place Albany was.

Okay Albany is ticked off the list, time for Esperance!!! I planned on taking four or five days getting there but didn’t really happened hahaha First day I was going to do 120km but there really wasn’t anywhere to camp so I kept going to my second day destination which was basically Jerramungup. I arrived around 7:45 that night hahha It was a 180+km ride haha No idea was going to do it that day haha Well now I was a day head of schedule so now it was time for Ravensthorpe which was only 115km ride. When I got there I decided to take a day off for two reasons one I was ahead by one day and two the grand final was on the next day and you can’t miss the grand final!!! From Ravensthorpe it was going to take me two days to Esperance, but I decided to do it in one day haha It was a 188km ride. What a waste of time when I stayed in Ravensthorpe!! Well kinda… It was all to see the grand final but it ended in a DRAW!!!!!!!! They have to play next week but I’m going to be in the middle of the Nullarbor!! All in all it was a groovtastic game!!!

Any ways on to Esperance!!! Well I can some up the whole ride in one word……..Alfred Hitchcock……….Yup that’s right the movie we all loved or seen once before. You know the movie……………..”The Birds” I was in that movie basically on the way to Esperance!! 60km left of my journey nothing but magpies from hell!!!!! I’m serious I was freaking out!!!! They were all over me swooping and diving, pecking at my head!!! I took out my water bottle and started throwing that around. Whenever it came to a bunch of trees on the road you can see them all just ready to peck me to death!!! One time I had six bloody birds attacking me!!! No matter how hard I peddled they were there and would stay there for almost a kilometre. I almost came of my bike; I was zigzagging all over the road and almost came right off the thing. I took out my bike pump and started using that to wack them away. People on the road had a strange look on there face when I was riding with a pump in my hand hahaha. My light on my helmet came off and fell along the ditch, I’m not going to see that light again. No way was I going to pick that up haha. Well that continued until I got into Esperance.

In Esperance now and what do you know while riding along the street? Another bloody bird swooping and pecking at my helmet!!! For now on I’m sooo paranoid about birds. I’ve seen enough to last me a lifetime I think haha

Well folks I’m in Esperance and heading out tomorrow towards the Nullarbor and wont have much contact for about two weeks maybe. My next day off will be in South Australia a place called Ceduna and should be there around October 12th See You then!!!! Hope all is well you blog readers!!!! I’ll try and put up some more pictures today!!!

Ps. wish me good luck with the birds from hell!!!


  1. DUDE... That made my month.... Seriously I could picture you swooping magpies with you waterbottle and bicycle pump trying to evade from these killer birds. Dad and Mom are here next to me killing themselves laughing!!

    Keep on riding dude and look forward ot the next blog!!

    Hope your legs haven't fallen off yet!!

    Lov ya bro!!

  2. I totally agree! I'm at work Laughing out loud! I hope none of those buggers hurt you! I miss you lots! Keep up the good work!!!

    Can't wait to hear from you!

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