Sunday, September 26, 2010

Broome to Perth

Broome to Perth

I couldn’t believe I was on the complete other side of Australia, it feels so surreal to see that I have travelled on a bike from Melbourne. I kept cycling from Broome to Perth. It has been a tough cycle through the western side of Australia. Glad that its done but sad at the same time. Nothing but a love, hate relation with the whole ride around haha

Right from the word gecko it was an annoying ride out of Broome. Well the first 10km was groovy, David road with me just out of town, so that was sweet. After that I was struck with the west coast wind. Land out of Broome was awesome first bit was flat as far as the eye can see. After that came trees and little hills nothing to bad. But that wind!!!!! I don’t think the west coast liked me so much haha

Around five hundred kms out of Broome I was riding my bike at night too pick up at bit more kms. After riding for a bit I saw some bright lights in the distance and wondering what it was. While I was getting closer there were more and more lights everywhere. I was wondering where I was, I looked on the map to see, and there was no town or road house just a road and a river haha. As I came closer to the area first I thought it was aliens with all the lights in the middle of nowhere, I mean what else could it be! Seriously!! haha. When I got right up too it there were search and rescue team. Police, fire brigade and volunteers, I thought to my self whoa what is going on hear?!!!!! I slowly biking by checking everything out and all of a sudden I hear my name of in the distance in the trees. I pondered to myself who knows me??!!! Hahah So I responded back to the trees, YA !!!!!! They said “come camp with us tonight”, I replied Okay!!!!! Hahaha I had no idea who this was but they knew me and I guess I’m about to find out who haha What do you know it’s the lovely couples from Katherine!!!! Jacqui and John, Margi and Rick!!!! What are the odds on that!!! Lol They told me about a rest area close to a river called De grey river had no idea was there lol Well I set up my tent and by the time I was almost done that they had tucker for me!!! Chicken and vegies and rice!!!!!! So good!!!!!! While I was eating tucker I asked them what’s with the rescue crew? They said an old man got lost and has been missing for 2 days. They have had helicopters go up and down the area all day but no sign of him. It was pretty sad to hear about the situation, the old man also had dementia as well. The next morning they the lovely people sat me down in a chair and fed me eggs, bacon, sausages and toast until I was over the top full!!!!! It was just amazing!!!!!! They even let me have some ginger spread that you put on the toast, it was so good I had to try it with a sausage. Really good with a snag but they all looked at me with discuss, how can you put those two things together you must have a stomach like a concrete mixer lol I just laughed and said no its sooo good you have to try!!!!

After breakfast it was time to head to Port Hedland!!!! What can I say about Port Hedland, one word well two……..Mining and Road trains haha that day a road train would come every bloody min. The crazy thing was they were all four or five trailer’s long!! Insane it was not really a pleasant ride haha

After Port Hedland it was nothing to crazy just desert haha Next big stop was Karratha but I decided to stop out side in a little place called Roebourne. Wasn’t all up for going into Karratha or Dampier, it was just 30km of track so I gave it a miss. From there it was another 600km of nothing just bush until you came to the next big stop, which was Carnarvon. Cool place all Carnarvon was is fruit and veggie farming, so awesome!!! If I had a car I would have bought soo much fruit and veg!!! cheap cheap cheap and fresh fresh fresh!!! It was my rest day, I was pretty exited about after coming from my last rest day which was Broome haha

From Broome to Carnarvon was pretty hard I had head wind the whole way down and tell you what… It wasn’t over either haha. Leaving Carnarvon I had big head wind and could only do 70kms lol Well I’ll tell you this right now the whole way down the west coast like right down to well Albany I have had nothing but head winds except 3 or 4 days of tail hahaha

Anyways from Carnarvon to Geraldton well maybe 200 km before Geraldton I can tell you one thing about travelling on the west coast on a bike….You will go insane when you stop peddling because the fly’s will get you!!!!!! If you stop for a break the fly’s will stick to you like honey!!! And they will multiply if you stay longer. Like every 10 mins they double in numbers around you, its insane and they keep flying in your eyes and ears and mouth just about everywhere. Wait!! It was bad with fly’s from Karratha to Geraldton, my bad. As soon as you got to Geraldton not more fly’s!!!! YAAAA!!!!!! I can ride in peace again!!!!!

Had a rest day in Geraldton, which was nice and peaceful. I camped right on the ocean but didn’t go swimming because it was too too cold haha I could feel the coldness once again coming down south everyday was getting a little bit more chilly at night and in the morning I wasn’t to impressed hahaha I hate the cold!!!!!!

Anyways kept going down the west coast until I hit Perth!!!!!! I Finally made it to Perth!!!! Coming down in the city on my bike it was so epic!!!! One thing I like about Perth not busy one bit!!! When your cycling on the streets in the city there are no cars at all its awesome!!! I went to my hostel and unpacked a bit and I looked at the time and it was 5 o’clock. I decided to go take a look to see what to have for dinner. When I was walking around I saw all the shops closing. I pondered to myself once again, oh no!! everything is closing and I’m hungry this can’t be good!!!! Everywhere I was looking everything was closed or just putting down their security bars!!! So I looked for the first thing I found which was subway LOL

That night I picked up the beautiful Stella from the airport and we spent a whole week exploring Perth.

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